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- Billy Cowie, a Renaissance spirit

Billy Cowie is a Scottish choreographer who, without calling himself a multidisciplinary artist, is also a composer and a filmmaker. It is also one of the pioneers of 3D.
On his experimentations with 3D technology to achieve better results on the stage he says: "In a theater most of the audience is too far away to see the faces, the hands, the expressions, so I decided to do works in which the audience was between one and five meters from the stage. I started creating dancers in 3D. Some people still think that the dancers are real. For me, the definitive test was with Art of Movement, where I combined real dancers and 3D ones. In that work it is difficult to tell which is which».
Billy Cowie is one of those creators who seeks to explore the paths revealed by art instead of using it to reach a place closer to the market than to creation.

Por Alejandra Aguirre