Since early 2010, Art by Excelencias has worked hard to beef up its stance worldwide and strengthen its distribution channels with foundations, art galleries, museums, academic centers and institutions dealing with the contemporary arts.

With barely half a dozen issues in a year of publishing life, we have managed to cover nearly all the influential regions and trends of the plastic arts in the Americas and the Caribbean, capturing in each and every one of them not only the attention of prestigious experts and creators, but also the glance of many people who are now willing to collaborate with our publication.

We have poured resources into this effort and buttressed our presence in major fairs, fully aware of their role as indispensable platforms for both the promotion and legitimization of our editorial project. Art Madrid and Arco (Spain), Artbo (Colombia), Zona Maco (Mexico), are just a few cases in point of the events we have attended and where Art by Excelencias has generated great interest and expectations.