Art by Excelencias puts its sight on the fine arts to address, in an updated fashion, the ongoing developments and their influence in the Americas and the Caribbean, such as the Central American Isthmus Biennial, the La Joven Estampa Engraving Prize –planned by Casa de las Americas– the Ninth Video & Media Arts Biennial in Chile, and the Tenth International Biennial in Cuenca, the latter featuring valuable information contributed by its head curator, Jose Manuel Noceda.

As a result of the virtual approaches being spun off along the way by the weekly newspaper –it boasts over 40 issues posted on the Internet- coupled with the frequent exchange with specialized readers and systematic feedback provided by critics and professionals, we have set out to give more hype to major artistic expressions –usually pushed into the background– like architecture and graphic design. This time around, the topic has been brought up through an interview with one of the region’s fine art icons, Brazil’s Cildo Meireles, during an individual exhibition stretching from now until January next year in Mexico.

We want these novelties –together with the traditional sections dealing with reflections and analysis– coming in the third issue of our magazine to strengthen the Excelencias Cultural Project our group started out in the summer of 2008.

José Carlos de Santiago Director General / Managing Editor