Excelencias Cuba Guide Book 2019has like purpose to be the perfect company in your trip around the Island, offering you the most information useful during your stay, so that feel advised by an expert in Cuba. Texts and images are conceived so that in your pages you can find you the essence of a rich country in history, art, culture and traditions of deep rooted.
This edition pays tribute to those cities that this year meet closed anniversaries of its foundation as is the case of the City Museum of Cuba, Trinidad, Camagüey and Sancti Spíritus, who arrive at their 505th Anniversary as well as to the cities of Cienfuegos that on April 22nd, brand new to its bicentennial, and to the City of Che, Santa Clara that is 330 years old. In this edition, you can consult the 50 restaurants that make up the gastronomic route that Excelencias proposes you to follow throughout the island, in addition to a selection of 10 restaurants per destination that will facilitate the choice of your route.
Preceded by a detailed explanation for the use of the Guide and its guidelines, this new edition has three basic information sections, as well as a section of routes that includes the Ruta Coctel Habana, a city recently declared Ibero-American Capital of Tapas and Cocktails by the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy and close to meet 500 years of existence.
To facilitate your trips in the island, you can consult the chapter What should you know about Cuba?, which offers general information that illustrates, in a general way, the characteristics and most important data about the country.
The second chapter Regions of Cuba is a critical tool to plan your vacation since you can consult, in detail, the best places to visit in each of the destinations of Cuba with maps, addresses, phone numbers and brief reviews. This chapter is an extensive and interesting cultural tour from one end of Cuba, Cabo de San Antonio, to the other, Punta de Maisí, which suggests the places that may be of interest to you depending on the type of tourist activity of your choice.
The third chapter is comprised of Directories, where you can find information about restaurants, lodgings, legal and financial procedures, communications, transportation, business and leisure in general.
Designed to satisfy your most demanding needs, Excelencias Cuba Guide offers you the possibility of accessing this and more information through its renewed website        www.guiaexcelenciascuba.com and our mobile applications available for free on App Store and Google Play or through Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.