You could read this headline in The Sunday Time, signed by Anna Winter on February 25, 2017. We still had in mind the tour through different stages of Germany, Switzerland and Monaco in November and December of last year. We were in Ludwigsburg, Germany, when the news of Fidel's death arrived. We dedicated the show of that night to his memory. Sadness seized us, but we came into our own on stage and danced for Cuba.
The United Kingdom tour began on February 15 at the Royall Concert Hall in Nottingham, with a triple program - as is usual in the presentations of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba - because we always want to share a broad spectrum of dance with the public.
The tour included ten cities of the United Kingdom, in which we explored their different geographies and particular idiosyncrasies. We toured London, Invernes, Wales and Manchester, among other territories. Almost all of the columns devoted to dance critique would award the presentations of our company four and five stars. Danza Contemporánea de Cuba is one of the most demanded companies of the world in the broad spectrum of performing arts in the United Kingdom.
Other international engagements brought the company to the opening gala of Danceinversion 2017 International Contemporary Dance Festival, in Moscow. They were also invited to close the program of the highly-valued Autumn Festival, based in the New York City Center, and in November the company returned to the National Auditorium of Mexico to present Carmina Burana, choreographed by George Céspedes. It was a dream to present this version in our country with the mise en scene it has been conceived of. Now we are about to make it happen. Danza Contemporánea de Cuba will be accompanied by the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional (the National Symphonic Orchestra,) the Coro Nacional (National Choir) and the Coro Infantil de Cuba (Children's Choir of Cuba,) with baritone, tenor and soprano included in the cast. It will be a pleasure, for all those who work in this production, to feel the ovation of Cubans at the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, as a spell to keep sadness away for the upcoming year.