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By Arte por Excelencias

With the grand opening of the Review exhibit at the Origenes Gallery, the Arte por Excelencias project has just joined the celebrations for the 100th issue of the Caribbean Tourist Excellences magazine rolled out by the Excelencias Group in Havana in July this year.

Basically, the curatorship of Review boosted the prevalence of contemporary visual creation in the printed and digital versions of Arte por Excelencias, an in-depth yet summarized review of the different artistic styles and forms of expression focused on several generations of Cuban artists.

That explains why the selection of flagship artworks in the contents of the publication, such as “Nayery”, by Jose Bedia, the cover of our opening issue; or the confluence of three National Fine Art Prize winners (Manuel Mendive, Jose Villa Soberon (sculptures) and Rene Francisco Rodriguez (a video shot with Felipe Dulzaides); and canvases by Arturo Montoto, Eduardo Abela, Ruslan Torres, Rigoberto Mena, Luis E. Camejo, Carlos Quintana, Moises Finale and Angel Alfaro; a sculpture by Reynerio Tamayo; photographs by Cirenaica Moreira and Rene Peña; a print on canvas by Jose Rodriguez (R10); a metal piece by Kadir Lopez and an installation by Roberto Diago.

The opening remarks were delivered by Excelencias Group’s President and Arte por Excelencias Editor Jose Carlos de Santiago, who handed out the Excelencias Award to Victoria Duran, director of Genesis Art Galleries, one of Cuba’s leading institutions in the promotion of the magazine on the island nation.

In this context, curator and art critic Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda unveiled the 10th issue of the magazine, highly praised for its contents and its function as a mass media means among artists from both the Americas and the Caribbean.

As part of the program, Genesis Art Galleries opened an embracing display of abstract art, ranging from avant-gardism to the contemporary, at the La Acacia Gallery. The list of artists includes such boldface names as Guido Llinas, Raul Martinez, Hugo Consuegra, Julio Girona, Lolo Soldevilla, Tomas Oliva, Gilberto Frometa, Vincench, Humberto Castro, Rigoberto Mena, among others.

Celebrations for the 100th issue of the Caribbean Tourist Excellences magazine included a varied and vast program of functions linked to the publishing teams of both Excelencias Gourmet and Excelencias del Motor with an assortment of seminars, international contests and car exhibits.

At the end of the closing gala on July 21 at the Havana Grand Theater –the program included performances by the Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory, Spanish company Flamenco Boulevard and Alicia Alonso’s Precious and the Air ballet– the Excelencias Awards were presented to a number of entities, like the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Presa Latina news agency, Publicaciones Seriadas, Habanos S.A. and to Havana City historian Eusebio Leal Spengler.