With issue number five, Art by Excelencias is marching on to its second year of publishing life. New territories and artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and Colombia are joining this time around from such expressions as architecture, painting, photography and installations. The presence of Julio Le Parc, an international icon of kinetic art; that utopia called Habitat 67; the going of walking museums across Latin America; the appraisals on the creative work of young artists like Ernesto Leal, Nadal Antelmo (Cubans), and Alejandra Alarcon –a Bolivian artist we got in touch with thanks to the help of Sicart Gallery in Barcelona– as well as the creative duo (Spain-Colombia) of Ricky Davila and Dufay Bustamante, bear out, together with the interesting contents of the traditional sections, the validity of the principle of open and plural legitimization whereby we always want them to interact and complement one another in the pages of this magazine in the form of different expressions, generations, trends, individual and institutional strategies, and alternative and role-model ways of conceptualizing today’s art.

José Carlos de Santiago Publisher