The fourth issue of Art by Excelencias brought to our readers today speaks volumes of how our publication –in a short span of time– has been enhancing its ties with experts, institutions, artists and countries from the Americas and the Caribbean, not only giving coverage to topics of interest within the complex creative processes the region is going through, but also providing evidence of its top events. The dialogue with Ticio Escobar –conceived from the First Chile Triennial and with timeliness as a value added– and the panoramic article on Latin American Public Art are good cases in point. The work of our editors in the online newspaper –the magazine’s complementary tool– has decisively contributed to this strengthening in terms of the topicality and representation laid out as goals to pursue from the very beginning.

At the same time, we are focusing our biggest efforts on taking this magazine to world-class art fairs and biennials, as well as to any other space of similar scope and outreach. Quite recently, we attended the ArtBo Fair in Colombia where we saw by ourselves the magnificent acclaim our magazine had among critics, researchers, dealers, gallery owners and art students. By the end of this year, we’ll be launching this issue at the Spirit Gallery in Miami during the upcoming Eighth Art Basel Fair. We’re confident that these institutional crossings will pave the way for Art by Excelencias to continue expanding its perspectives in 2010.

José Carlos de Santiago Director General / Managing Editor