Cartel del documental de Pedro Maytín.
Lorenzo Fajardo, director de Caricatos.

Producciones Caricatos was created in 2008, with its first documentary of 40 minutes, entitled Caballero de la perfecta sonrisa, dedicated to the life and work of Enrique Almirante, a famous Cuban actor, under the direction of Carlos Alberto García and with the participation of great Cuban music figures such as Frank Fernández and Omara Portuondo.
In an interview with Arte por Excelencias, Lorenzo Fajardo, general director of Caricatos, explains: "Following the death of Enrique Almirante, director and founder of the Caricatos Artistic Representation Agency, we decided to make an audiovisual collection of the memories of this charismatic artist from the performing arts of Cuba ».
Among the documentaries produced by the agency the most prominent are those made by Alina Morante: Mi luz y mi sombra, dedicated to the actor Francisco García (Pancho); Madame Molinet, about the stage designer María Elena Molinet; and Show Time, about choreographer and artistic director Santiago Alfonso, all of them bestowed with the Premio Nacional (National Award) of performing arts.
«Our latest documentary film, La tradición vernácula en el teatro cubano (The vernacular tradition in Cuban Theater,) with a script by Carlos Padrón and directed by Pedro Maytin, takes us from Francisco Covarrubias, considered a major caricato for playing the first negrito, to the present, which, according to the critic Norge Espinosa, presents himself with a question mark regarding the future of the vernacular theater, a bet that will be won over the stage, beyond any absurd denial or overly aesthetic suspicion », concludes Fajardo.