One of the attractions that the Temporada de Teatro Latinoamericano y Caribeño Mayo Teatral 2018 (Latin American and Caribbean Theater Festival May 2018) will bring to the Cuban audience is Hij@s de la Bernarda (Bernarda´s d@ughters,) a play with playwriting and direction by Rosa Luisa Márquez and choreography by Jeanne d'Arc Casas, from La casa de Bernarda Alba, by Federico García Lorca.
Hij@s de la Bernarda is the result of a joint creation and a workshop that is inspired by the model that Navarra led with in his Taller de Histriones. It articulates in the scene a brilliant synthesis of theater, flamenco dance and live music in a singular combination.
From Hij@s...there arises an energy that is that of creation as enjoyment, as a very serious game between friends and like-minded artists who are ready to give their best on stage. It bears the talent of notable dancers-actors. Emblematic themes by Lorca along with those of Rafael Hernandez, Carlos Gardel, Joan Manuel Serrat, Simón Díaz and of themselves are heard. Juan Fernando Morales creates a succinct setting, but with eloquent expressiveness, in which discarded materials and objects assume new functions with beauty.
Premiered in San Juan two years ago, Hij@s...has toured several spaces of the island and was presented with great success at the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Cádiz and the Pregones Theater in New York.
Affirmation and resistance, tradition and innovation, canon and experiment, Hij@s de la Bernarda is a celebration of the body and the spirit, dance and theater to celebrate Puerto Rican culture.