The unavoidable usefulness of the audiovisual in the face of the dizzying current technological development, and the emergence of new learning methodologies in the field of teaching, have legitimized new ways of transmitting and acquiring knowledge with a more plural, transdisciplinary and participatory approach in almost all the world. With this theme as a premise, the International Forum of Educational Television and New Technologies is held in Nicaragua, a space recently created, but essential for Latin America.
Organized by Canal 6 de Nicaragua, one of the main public television networks in that country, the event has involved, since its first edition, various national organizations related to the topic.
Its initial purpose was to dissemiante the experiences and professional skills of international experts and participants in general, but today special emphasis is placed on the training of creators and workers of the audiovisual field of Nicaragua.
In its inaugural edition, the event focused on the debate of topics such as audiovisual education and its contribution to the integral development of teaching, educational television as a complement to the education system, training, and updating of knowledge through methods of teachers-centered audiovisual teaching, as well as the promotion of cultural identity.