Espacio de fe (tríptico), 2018. Plexiglás, cinta adhesiva, luces led, 65 cm x 75 cm.

El Premio al Artista Emergente (The Emerging Artist Award) of Zona Maco 2018 went to Osvaldo González (Camagüey, 1982.) Niurma Pérez Zerpas, the director from Galería Servando is confirming this in an exclusive interview granted to us.
«This year the Galería Servando project in Zona Maco is a dialogue between the work of Osvaldo González and that of Adrián Fernández´, the former with lighting installations and the latter with photographs from his most recent exhibition: El umbral de la incertidumbre (The threshold of uncertainty.) The day of the opening of the fair we woke up with the news that Osvaldo had been selected among the finalists of the award that Zona Maco gives to emerging artists under forty, and later we learned that he had finally won. The recognition is sponsored by JSa Arquitectos. Osvaldo was in first place with this series that we are presenting called Espacios de fe (Spaces of faith) ».
Osvaldo González graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Higher Institute of Art) in 2006 - adds Niurma. Among his main personal exhibitions are Autofagia (Galería Servando, 2016), Como es lo que es (Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (Visual Arts Development Center,) from the Centro Histórico de La Habana Vieja, 2014 (Historical Center of Old Havana, 2014), Una escena doméstica (Collateral sample of the 11th Biennial of Havana, Galería 23 y 12, Havana), Temas aislados (Galería Luz y Suárez del Villar, Madrid) and Kunta (Galería Guayasamín, Centro Histórico de La Habana Vieja, 2009), as well as participating in collective exhibitions such as Cuba, mi amor, organized in 2017 by Galería Continua in Les Moulins, France.
An excellent news for Osvaldo and for Cuban art and a recognition for the meticulous work of the Galería Servando for promoting the best of contemporary art on the island, in a fair like Zona Maco, which is not characterized by hierarchizing emerging art.