«En esta edición recibimos a más de sesenta y dos mil visitantes, el mayor número hasta ahora».
Zélika Román García, directora general de Zona Maco. (Foto: Mariano Aparicio).
Nuestro enviado especial junto a Alejandra Maciel, corresponsal de Excelencias en México, en el stand de la revista AxE.
Arriba: Lluvia 7 azul horizontal, Ricardo Cárdenas; al centro: Dúo de congas gris y natural, Los Carpinteros; abajo: Meditación verde, Jorge Jiménez Deredia.

Arte por Excelencias was able to talk, in an exclusive interview, with Zélika García, the director general of Zona Maco, who has said more than once that she likes beauty and that being happy is to be lucky enough to know what one has a passion for and be able to devote one’s life to it.
«The credit or the results of this fair is to be shared among all the participants and organizers. Zona Maco takes a constant reinvention and this year’s results and those of years before I consider they are due to the galleries that trust our event, as well as to the curators and selection committees, which are key to exhibiting the best possible proposals and with the best quality. We feel that the credit should also go to the sponsors, the media, the publishers, the organizations, the production, designing and logistics teams that work all year round on this project.»
«We are always growing in number and especially in quality. In this edition, we presented one hundred and seventy exhibitors. On the other hand, the fair provided continuity for projects such as Sample, which is a space of exhibition curated by Humberto Moro with works of non-established artists associated to the participating galleries in Nuevas Propuestas (New Proposals.)»
The Arte Moderno (Modern Art) section grew in the number of galleries compared to the previous year and we had a greater number of proposals with a social compromise.
«Now we are working on the August fairs. This year, Zona Maco Foto will hold the fourth edition and we will celebrate the fifth year of Zona Maco Salón, during August 22-26. Both fairs have been growing in proportion to a greater interest on part of the exhibitors and international visitors.»
«I was 24 when I did the first fair in Monterrey in 2002 called Muestra, which now is Zona Maco México Arte Contemporáneo. It definitely has been more rewarding than exhausting in every sense. The results depend not only on us as fair organizers but on the work of all the persons that take part, and it is very encouraging to see the way in which Mexico has been transformed on a par with this project ».