When Havana was crowded by known American jazz players in January, who came to join their Cuban friends and share experiences together, the most famous phrase spoken in the press conferences at the National Hotel, both Joe Lovano himself and D. Brighwater, near to Ted Nash and so many others, was convincing: «Let's make a bridge, a long bridge».
More than 200 artists from the Island of Cuba, the biggest artistic delegation from this country that has ever visited the United States, shall present themselves in the Kennedy Center of Washington, from the 8th May until the 3rd June, at the Arts Festival of Cuba. 
The intense program begins with Omara Portuondo, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club. This event shall be concluded about a month later accompanied with the presentations from the National Ballet of Cuba.
The return of Alicia Alonso, the Great Teacher of the National Ballet of Cuba's next generations, as well of other artists living whether in Madrid, Havana or the main Washington, comes true thanks to this Arts Festival. Each and every one feel identified as a genuine result of an artistic education system, one of the social conquests of Cuba, subsidized by the State and defended even in the worst economical crisis' moments of the nineties, when no classroom was ever closed. The access to the culture is a human right, accepted by a State's politics.
The Excellences Group wish for the success of the Arts Festival of Cuba. Hope nothing stops its inclusive character, of the authentic cultural joining and mutual respect, above the continuity of any obsolete politics, which can no longer hide what's obvious: there're more friendship bounds and admiration between the people of Cuba and the United States, than enmity feelings. 
When the curtains rise and the artistic delegation of Cuba, proud of its identity shows up, another brick has been placed for this enormous bridge: let's get started!