Havana is drawing close to a historical date. Quiet and regal, expectant and patient, the gala investiture is an excuse to welcome the upcoming arrival of the half millennium.
The occasion seems to lend itself to great obeisance. This time the Caguayo system, from its Sociedad Anónima, and in joint accord with its wide community of artists and creators, made ready to fulfill the immense task of rescuing a patrimonial work, a whole insignia of the Cuban dignity: El Capitolio.
The request came from the Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad (Office of the Historian of the City). The people involved in restoring, producing and reproducing all the furniture of the north wing of the El Capitolio, an unprecedented opportunity, included designers, artisans, workmen, construction companies and a wide range of personnel.
The Estudio-Taller Dekuba, the Rosa María de la Terga staging and restoration workshop for stained glass and lamps, the creative team of Raúl Polín and the Grupo Restaura, among others, turned the Capitol into their provisional residence, to pay homage from the subtlety of the roots.