At nightfall on Saturday, February 10, at the theater room of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts,) in Old Havana, a beautiful concert took place, designed to delight the most demanding music-loving spirits: Los puntos cardinales by the versatile singer María de Jesús, who honors the catalog of the Actuar artistic company.

The show, especially dedicated to the mother of the artist, exuded, in the best sense of this verb, an excellent taste, which was provided by the script, artistic and general direction and exquisite humor of master Osvaldo Doimeadiós, a worthy heir to the best performance traditions and the great stars from theater, radio, film and television in our country.

Also part of her remembrances were Juan Almeida Bosque, Commander of the Cuban Revolution, some of whose songs she has in her repertoire; Fomento, her native town; Placetas, the city where she grew up and began her artistic career; Havana, where she obtained recognition for her art from the Cuban audience; Sweden, the country of her residence for several years.

We had the opportunity to see on the stage a beautiful human being and a full-length artist, with the stature of the great, owning a privileged voice, capable of interpreting various musical genres in several languages: Summertime, La vie en rose and Moscow Nights.

With this concert, María de Jesús showed us with humility, and without assuming such a pretension, that she is a worthy heiress to the best exponents of the Cuban song, whose cardinal points, according to journalist Julio Acanda, "...they always come together in the same place: the hearts of its people." That you allways be on our hearts, María de Jesús, as us on yours!