Isaías Rojas

Isaías Rojas was the founder of Danza Libre, along with Elfrida Malher, an American dancer, a founder of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba who settled in Guantánamo.
In 1994, Isaías founded Ban Rarrá, a company with which he has deployed all his creativity through a spectacular style, in which the games of forces and games with fire prevail, the use of machetes, batons, tables, flags.
La conga reversible, a choreography that he made for the namesake performance of Los Carpinteros, for the 2012 Havana Biennial, received the Premio Villanueva (award) from the critics.
With a jovial character, Isaías has an extraordinary capacity as a pedagogue, a talent he deploys today at the Facultad de Arte Danzario of the Universidad de las Artes, and in his company where he conducts Cuban dance workshops.