Being Cuban is a party: a party that is celebrated every day. We bayameses take great pride in being the source of the nation. That is why the Fiesta de la Cubanía is celebrated: the most important cultural event in the province of Granma. Annually, from October 17 to 20, in the city of Bayamo there is a call to reflect on Cuban history and culture and, of course, an invitation to enjoy the works of our artists and creators who are art lovers and growers, who come here from all parts of the nation and the world.
The celebration brings together intellectuals from the various branches of knowledge and the general population, who interact with important artistic projects, participate in book, crafts and traditional products fairs, meetings of concert bands, staging of plays and exhibitions of plastic arts.
Each edition also hosts a new edition of the theoretical event «Crisol de la nacionalidad cubana» (The crucible of Cuban Nationality) an important space for reflection and confluence of writers, intellectuals and researchers, who discourse on culture, identity and nation, delving into its complexities, relationships and contemporary perspectives.
In squares, communities, universities, schools, cultural centers and public spaces, authors and performers show their work, creating spaces where the highbrow, the lowbrow and the folk show their wealth and vitality.
This very Cuban celebration is a tribute to the essential values and traditions of the nation and its profoundly universal character. It is celebrated since 1994 and celebrates the Day of Cuban Culture (October 20), the date on which the Bayamo people sang for the first time the words of the National Anthem, a historical fact that confirms the city as the Cradle of Cuban Nationality.
That's why being Cuban is a party. Cuba celebrates it in Bayamo every year, from October 17 to 20.