The Provincial Directorate of Culture in Granma, the House of Cuban Nationality, and the network of cultural institutions of the city of Bayamo, call for to participate in the XXIV edition of Fiesta de la Cubanía, an event that every year takes place from 17 to 20 October, for the celebration of the Cuban Culture Day.
The celebrations for the Day of Cuban Culture is the most important cultural event in Granma, which begins with the commemoration of the cry of cuban independence in La Demajagua on October 10, and, concludes, with the remembrance of the interpretation, for the first time, of La Bayamesa the Anthem of Bayamo, known today as the National Anthem of Cuba.
On this occasion the event will be dedicated to the anniversaries 150 of the beginning of the wars for independence and the interpretation of the Anthem of Bayamo.
The House of Cuban Nationality, for its part, summons, in this edition, intellectuals, specialists and researchers to participate in the XXVI theoretical event Crucible of Cuban Nationality. The central theme, for to dialogue and debate on the origins of the Cuban nation, will be about the processes of national liberation and the historical-cultural links of the nations in Ibero-America and the Caribbean.
The program of activities presents the best of cuban traditions, artistic projects, folklore and works of significant cultural recognition. The artists interested in to participate are also invited to present their projects and shows based on the central theme of the Fiesta de la Cubanía 2018.


Dirección Provincial de Cultura de Granma
Calle José Antonio Saco no. 13 altos, e/ Máximo Gómez y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Reparto San Juan el Cristo, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba. CP: 85 100
Telf.: (53) 23 42 3465 / 42 6289