Lights design is, in Cuba, one of the most interesting aspects in performing arts. Today, some names have marked that specialty with a particular hallmark. One of the artists who have devoted much of his life to the design of lights, and also to his "Cuban inventiveness," is Carlos Repilado, a permanent collaborator of many choreographers and theater directors, who in this 2018 is celebrating 80 years of life.
Repilado was linked to the art of movement very early in his life, in the mid-sixties, when he was studying in the night course for workers of the San Alejandro Academy.
When he was bestowed with the Premio Nacional de Danza (National Dance Award) in 2016, many people doubted whether it was fair or not to give this award to a lighting designer. Right there Rosario Cárdenas, one of the artists with whom he has collaborated for many years, read a praising statement saying that she had no doubt whatsoever about the fairness of the awarding decision.