At the age of 80, the famous poet Ramon Palomares has said good bye, one of the most significant in Spanish. When the news was announced, Freddy Ñáñez, Minister of Culture, wrote in his Twitter account: "So long, old wolf!".
Born in Escuque, Trujillo, on May 7, 1935, he studied to be a teacher, but from a young age he knew he wanted to be a writer. And not only didhe do it, but was among the most prominent poets, storytellers and critics of Latin America.
Exceptional poet, in his work we find part of the history of his country and its heroes. Palomares was among those who thought that "the poet must live within a reality. (...) For us, the Venezuelan reality has to be of concern, anguish, suffering for those who love our country. "
Undoubtedly, Ramón Palomares loved his land intensively. For this reason the great poet will always live, not only thanks to the Biennial that bears his name and that the Ministry of Culture has held for more than five years in Trujillo, but above all, because he will remain forever in the memory of his people.