William Osuna.

The Ministry of People's Power for Culture and the Prometeo Corporation of Colombia signed, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, a cooperation agreement that will allow the International Poetry Festival of Medellin and Venezuela march closer.
The gain is total for the event, which now draw on a wealth of experience to become related with Colombian poetry festival, which already arrived at its twenty-six years of existence. This was stated by Freddy Ñáñez, Minister of Culture in Venezuela, who said that with this link viewing of Venezuelans bards will be higher in the Festival of Medellin.
Ñáñez recalled that the World Poetry Festival of Venezuela was born inspired and with the concrete support of Medellin’s Festival and the World Poetry Movement. "We intend to move forward in terms of international cooperation. If here we have strength in the area of ​​publishing, we must aim at how we can compensate poetry festivals that have been created around this of the Prometheus Corporation, "said the Minister.
For Fernando Rendon, this important step that has just been taken is the beginning of the projection of a joint practice for the future between the two countries. It is starting a road, he said, "to dialogue with other poetry festivals in America and in the world, at a time when there is so much suffering and despair."
Between June 26thand July 2nd, it was held the 13th International Poetry Festival of Venezuela, which gave birth to the First Meeting of Young Poets, who proposed recitals, workshops, meetings and set out to find "a generation to rethink not only the literary canon of our country but the social commitment of the writer primarily with the construction of peace and sovereignty "as stated by the also poet Freddy Ñáñez.
The 13th International Poetry Festival of Venezuela, who watched over hundred and forty activities, was attended by fifty poets from the five continents and fifty-eight nationals. The honoree this year was the people’s defender, Tarek William Saab.