Although NG la banda is celebrating its 28 years, the aster José Luis Cortés, the director, enjoys it if it had just been released.
José Luis Cortés does not conceive an anniversary of his band outside Cuba, because it says: "My biggest party is my country." However, this time he decided to make congratulatory toast in Venezuela, a land that with each passing day the feeling is less foreign: "The crowd goes crazy. It looks like I'm in Cuba. "
This happened in the Teresa Carreno Theater in Caracas, where NG offered a spectacular show. "It was a gift from God," admitted Cortés. The night was even bigger because of the company of country-fellow men such as Pupy Pedroso, Kelvis Ochoa, Alain Daniel, Tania Pantoja, Leo Vera and Juan Guillermo (JG), who felt were paying back a debt to the Master.
"We came to celebrate NG, which is a landmark of Cuban music" Kelvis said. Tania Pantoja also welcomed the invitation. "It was a great pleasure to share the stage with the creator of Timba".
"At least in my training, José Luis Cortés was decisive. Marked the path I have followed to this day”, acknowledged Alain Daniel.