Andy Montanez is passionate about the bolero genre. He likes them all. "I am a salsa guy, but I was born bolerista" he admits. He is comfortable playing these themes, with which he grew up and joined Cuba. He did not study music, but says he was born with a gift: the tune,that one that is not learned with a teacher.
He began his career in 1962 in the group El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. Earlier he had dabbled as bolerista. His passion for the bolero and his love for Cuba led him to again be especially invited to participate in the International Festival Boleros de Oro 2016, which was dedicated to the centennial of his compatriot, singer and composer, Daniel Santos.
Andy visited Cuba for the first time in 1980 as singer of the Venezuelan orchestra Dimensión Latina. But it was in 1997 when Cubans met his work. In 2000, he returned to participate in the Festival Boleros de Oro that year.  He would return for the 2004 and 2005 editions.
But this time, Andy said he was very honored not only for its special guest status, but because he could also remember "the Boss (Daniel Santos), singer who had a great track record in Latin America and especially in Cuba. For him, I feel a special admiration. It was one of the best performers who sang bolero. In addition, both were born in the same neighborhood, in Trastalleres. "