The first time I saw the sea was during my years in Cuba as a Medicine student, at the age of 21. The impression was so great that from then on my desires to be close to that blue immensity grew to become regular schedule of my wanderings.
My fanaticism by the sea has nothing to do with the Mediterranean condition of my nationality. There are people living in Cuba who has not seen the sea. A country surrounded by salt water! I have heard of the same story in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile; and surely the case in countries that have not yet visited. So this is about how eager we are to meet it.
It is a fact, and I say it wherever I am singing or talking to someone, we are the historical result of the failure of our leaders and their policies. This is what somehow has determined that there are attitudes sadly assumed as normal, such as conformism, jingoism, and the intolerance that this has generated on each side of the border, the assumed guilt, nostalgia and sadness of a people.
Maybe that is simple human nature and there are more sedentary people than others. A not all of them have to be interested in seeing what I've seen. But then, they say that they do not do it because it is the country that they were born and they have to bear with it.
I think we have to acknowledge that we have not seen the places we have always wanted to know because we are too lazy to get our butt off the couch, or because of fear. In conclusion: fear of the unknown is what generates all evil, racism, the status quo, perpetuating the establishment, but even worse: the decline of our hopes and our dreams.
As singing in the Cuequita del Mar: "I am the result of some mystery / that made me roll like a ball / I leave a finite thread for my return / and for you if you want to follow and walk with me." I invite you to pursue your dreams. Do not be afraid; pick a place and go to meet him, because the world is for everyone, even if they want us to believe that it is not.