José Carlos de Santiago

At a time when only a click and auctions ofartwork signed by Warhol and Miró are conducted online, Arte por Excelencias will be media partner of important European fairs, while it is displayed on relevant artistic events in Latin America. While magazines of art and culture disappear every day, and websites die just after seeing the light, Grupo Excelencias, however, insists on holding this beautiful utopia, which already meets more than five years of active life.
Our website AxE takes increasing relevance in social media, to the point that it is read more in the United States and Spain than in Latin America. More than five thousand "I like it" in Facebook show the growing impact of our digitaleditors, which is then confirmed by the statistics to prove that the website is accessed and visited by people from the five continents.
Our presentations travel from Gibara to Havana and Caracas, and soon to Miami. We find ourselves in the VIP bags Art Marbella as secure media partner, while we are in both in the Caribbean Festival of Santiago de Cuba and the Cine Pobre International Festival of Gibara, as in the Romerías de Mayo –turned into the 23rd World Festival of Artistic Youth and Cultural Promoters- or the 13th World Poetry Festival of Caracas, which comes with the backing of renowned Festival of Medellin, Colombia.
When this issue is out, whether in Santiago de Cuba or in Marbella, we are supporting two big dreams. The first: a new edition of Fiesta del Fuego, where the magazine Arte por Excelencias along with Grupo Excelencias will participate with a vision of the future on the Big Island of the Antilles, and the particular support of Joel James and his team, decided to open to the Caribbean from an ever strong and ardent cultural capital.
The other will occur in the south of Spain, when we accompany the second edition of Art Marbella, with its mission to promote contemporary art from the Mediterranean; a real commitment to the art business, because in summer the city becomes destination of visitors with high purchasing power not only from Spain but also from Germany, Russia and the Middle East. The proof is that is already positioned in new venues: from the Pompidou and Picasso museums to the prestigious collection of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza so that the emerging art coexists with the most glittering pieces of the 20th Century.
As this mountain continues to grow, from our offices in Madrid and Havana –with Chanel and his title of Wonder City–, Estampa 2016 and Art London also await us, as it is already news that three hundred magazines Arte por Excelencias will travel in October to Swab Barcelona, ​​ as part of our recognized sponsorship and agreement with the organizing committee.
As you can see, it is worth snuggle with this good tree that still lush and cover, as it has done from the first issue of Arte por Excelencias, back in 2010. We are always open to any proposal, because, as we were taught by the teacher and great filmmaker Federico Fellini, the matter is the sea, always challenging from the curtain of the study: And our ship is on sail.