The season Mayo Teatral, a widely recognized, both inside and outside Cuba, meeting, closed its doors until next call in two years and opened expectations of another anticipated theatrical announcement: the National Theatre Festival Camagüey 2016, which is already shaping up and getting its program from the 1st to the 9th of October.
Organized biennially by the Casa de las Americas since 2001, edition 2016 of Mayo Teatral chose distinguished groups with a long career in the Cuban theater scene: Teatro Buendia, Teatro El Público, El Ciervo Encantado, Teatro de las Estaciones and Argos Teatro. It completed the program El Portazo (Matanzas), Teatro La Rosa (Santa Clara), interdisciplinary project Persona and Contemporary Dance of Cuba.
In the international exhibition were present two essential exponents of Latin American and Caribbean theater: the Colombian La Candelaria and the Peruvian Yuyachkani. La Candelaria presented the show Camilo, inspired by the iconic Camilo Torres, while Yuyachkani developed a comprehensive program in which were shown the Confesiones and Vibraciones.
The Colochos (Mexico) showed a free version of the Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth. It was also highly acclaimed Othello, by the Chilean group Viajeinmóvil. It completed the payroll of foreigners ÓiNóis Aqui Traveiz, Brazil, and Gayumba Teatro, the Dominican Republic.
Returning to national playsin Mayo Teatral occupied the rooms some of the most recognized theater plays in 2015 and 2016so far: Éxtasis: unhomenaje a la Madre Teresa de Ávila (Teatro Buendía).
Meanwhile, Triunfadela y Guan Melón!! TuMelón!! (El Ciervo Encantado), Mecánica (Argos Teatro), Yilliam de Bala coming son (proyecto Persona) Los dos príncipes, (Teatro de las Estaciones) y Harry Potter, se acabó la magia (El Público) y CCPC (Cuban Coffee by Portazo´s Cooperative) (El Portazo)
Thus, Mayo Teatral was a great showcase of what soon will be exhibited in Camaguey; city that, every two years,is ready to enthusiastically show the most valuable assets of the Cuban theatre.