It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte was an excellent communicator and a passionate lover of the epistolary genre, of which he left a good amount. As much or more, although in another way, I wanted to see in Alain Kleinmann's most recent exhibition (Paris, 1953): a correspondence between two French, one that dialogues from the ins and outs of history and the other from the vision of an artist and its contemporaneity.

So, almost as if he were the sender of one of them, Kleinmann has returned to lead drawing, mixed media on paper, sugar-aged photography and the object book, to compose a specific exhibition, something sui generis in his work, about the memory of a museum and Napoleonic objects.

And because life is full of those little contacts with yesterday, Alain Kleinmann has found a visual solution that rescues the passage of time and stylishly highlights the figures and objects of history.