Dancer, choreographer and writer, Jesús Rubio Gamo was born in Madrid in 1982. He studied classical ballet and contemporary dance in that city, and in London he graduated in Gestural Interpretation at the Madrid Royal Higher School of Dramatic Arts (Resad) and received a master's degree on choreography at The Place, the legendary London dance center.

His work as a creator —critics say — fluctuates from a stage more connected to experimentation (Anunciación, Lección de anatomía en helicóptero, El rapto de Europa), to another more committed to the usual uses of contemporary dance (his version of “Bolero” from Ravel or Álvaro & Tania): «The road is not straight. I wanted to deny what I had learned in Resad, but I realize that I haven’t been able to. The first pieces in Spain have the clear vision of finding a place for me ».

The most recent works seem to settle his searches, especially his solo “Ahora que no somos demasiado viejos todavía” (Now that we are not too old yet), in which he combines his passion for dance and writing. «With this piece I felt that I found a place. Not a great structure or a conceptual framework, but to try to be, to look for what was inside me. It has been revealing, but I still question the language. It is not that I want to learn other things, I am not going to start doing stunts now, but with what I have gained, with what I have, I would like to communicate something more personal to the public,” he says.