Ramón Valle, from Holguin, has music in his genes: a world famous jazz composer and pianist. The city of Holguin has recognized him as “Hijo Destacado” (Outstanding Son.) In the theater of the city he was born, he has bewitched the audience with his words, and made them shiver with his music in a symphonic version.

«My dad was a musician, like my grandfather. He taught me to play the trumpet. I would try all the instruments in the house and, when he was away, I would take each of the instruments and played them in secret. But my mother was the captain, the warrior who forced me to study. I can't stop thinking about her. My dad would sit me on his legs to listen to Jerry Mulligan, Armstrong, and Frank Emilio. To recall those moments when my dad would leave home, to go play music somewhere, on a small children's bicycle, with his suit... those things are beautiful! ».

»I learned from Emiliano Salvador, Chucho Valdés and Frank Emilio, very talented musicians. And then I also discovered Chick Korea, Keith Jarrett, and Herbie Hancock, from whom I discovered the freedom to express oneself.

»For me, it is an honor to know that my music is recognized. But to play freely you have to be vulnerable, and to be vulnerable you have to throw your ego out of the window».