When Kirk Douglas played the role of racing driver Gino Borgesa in the movie “The Racers” (1955), he entered the motor world faster than his character in the Monte Carlo Rally. And although it is a romantic drama, it brings in lovers of the motor world because in the film he drives the car of the established pilot Stirling Moss.

Kirk Douglas was always very active. He invested part of his fortune in charity acts, wrote books including his own biography (“The Son of the Ragpicker”). He was a car lover. We already said that in his movie “The Racers” he drives the first car, which famous English Formula 1 racer Stirling Moss drove.

The film tells how car racer Gino Borgesa (Kirk Douglas), during his practices before racing in the Monte Carlo Rally, had an accident as a result of avoiding running over a dog. With this accident, his car is destroyed along with his illusion for racing. And then Nicole (Bella Darvi), the owner of the dog, shows up and promises Gino another car. And in the process of looking for the right vehicle, love flourishes.