January is a month in which summer and school holidays are celebrated in the countries of South America, but for the “Escritura Migrante” staff it was a time to show artistic works and meet different poetics, affirming literature in a dialogue with other arts. A moment to weave relationships between migrants, nomads, seminomads and people who are always on the move and who do not feel they belong to any specific geographical point on the planet. Days to hug, look into each other's eyes, share cultures and knowledge, always with love.

The Third International Meeting of Migrant Writings (Escrituras Migrantes) was held in Santiago and Isla Negra, in Chile, from January 16 to 19, autonomously by a group of writers from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay. The general aim of the meeting is to exchange and discuss artistic proposals, cultural knowledge and the poetics of intermediate writers who live or travel through different countries. It proposes an itinerant poetic production that instigates the production of these writers and artists, as well as the cultural exchange, with workshops and artistic presentations always open to the public with the theme of transcultural poetics.