Several times I have had the urge to write about the exhibitions organized by Galería Habana. Ever since I set a foot for the first time on the gallery, in 2013, I have always been impressed by the high level and amount of the artistic proposal it offers. We are talking about one of the most significant Cuban galleries, of international prestige and with a rich history. The works of great Cuban artists such as Wifredo Lam, René Portocarrero, Mariano Rodríguez and Amelia Peláez have been displayed at this space, just to cite some examples unknown to current generations. Consecrating a gallery at the highest professional level for more than sixty years is a titanic task. This has been possible, to a large extent, thanks to the wealth of artists of various generations whose prestige have credit or still credit this institution. Just to mention a few: Roberto Fabelo, Manuel Mendive, Carlos Garaicoa, Los Carpinteros, Roberto Diago, Yoán Capote and his brother Iván, all engendered by the artistic teaching of our nation.

There are many artists to mention, but this is not the objective of this hurried review of the history of our flagship gallery. Rather it is the pretext that I have found to inquire about the sample Rara Avis, by Humberto Díaz.