Argentine Ignacio Gutiérrez Zaldívar is a patron in every sense of the word.  His concern for art is genetic and, at the same time, his prime motivation in life.  He was very young, only four years old, when his parents gave him his first painting. And, at 13 and with his own savings, he bought his first work: a piece of his compatriot Eugenio Daneri.

 Perhaps at that time, I could not imagine how much he would do for the art of his country and vice versa.  Today, Ignacio Gutiérrez Zaldívar is a leading figure in Argentine art, but also with recognition overseas.  A lawyer, a writer, a consecrated researcher, a collector, an art dealer. In short, a lover of everything sublime that man can create. Those are some of the ways in which this man from Rosario can be defined. But it would be unfair to just leave it there, because it has always gone beyond. And to prove it, there are his constant efforts to develop and make visible the work of Argentine creators.

 On what the world of art and other facets of his life represents for him, he spoke with Excelencias: a dialogue in which we discover a man dissatisfied with what he has done, a "cursed man" to perpetually seek new achievements.