Pawnes, José Manuel Mesías.
Isla (sed), Yoan Capote.
Luisa Ausenda.

No way can it go unnoticed! Not only because of the extensive history it has as a participant in this fair, or its various venues in the world, but because Galleria Continua´s offers are always impacting, renovating and conceptually solid.
Arte por Excelencias, in its tour around the fairgrounds, discovers it and stops to talk with Luisa Ausenda and her work experience, mainly at the Havana headquarters in Continua.
«We have been coming to Miami for many years. We started from its first edition. The particular thing about this is that after four years working in Havana as a permanent project, we wanted to dedicate half of our stand to Cuban art. On the one hand we are presenting international artists - among them is Anish Kapoor and his album, which has been nominated as one of the most photographed works of the fair - and of the other twelve Cuban artists: Carlos Garaicoa, Leandro Feal, Osvaldo González, José Manuel Mesías, Yoan Capote and Iván Capote, José Yaque, Alejandro Campins, Elizabet Cerviño, Susana Pilar, Luis López-Chávez and Reynier Leyva Novo»