José Carlos de Santiago en el stand colectivo de revistas de Art Basel.
Edición Arte por Excelencias 42 en Art Basel.

Seven days that shake visual arts; doors that are opened to culture in any space of the city; a multifold look that minutely traces what is done about art around the world; or a powerful telescope that manages to observe creativity all over the world. All those are realities into which the Art Week in this North American city is transformed for seventeen years, every early December. And this 2018 was no exception.
Art Basel Miami Beach becomes the focus of the world’s eyes, where thousands of collectors, art critics, specialists, gallery owners, art lovers, teachers and students, and general public arrive at.
The renewed and modern Convention Center of Miami Beach became the embryo of the Art Basel event of this city, which is the sister of the original and homonymous one founded in 1979 in Basel, Switzerland. Art Basel Miami Beach was born in 2002. On this occasion, during December 5-9, 290 galleries from more than 35 countries had a presence in its halls, with 4,000 works by artists from all continents. Painting, drawing, artistic installations, photographs, audiovisual art, sculpture...all were present in the different sections in which the important Fair was divided into: Galleries, Nova, Kabinet, Positions, Survey, Edition and Magazines. Arte por Excelencias was in the latter, for the second time.