María Juncal, the young and beautiful dancer of long-tradition lineage in the flamenco, comes once again to the Cuban archipelago to show her Suite flamenca during the 26th edition of the International Ballet Festival of Havana Alicia Alonso. As a wandering dancer, she arrives in Havana after successfully completing an extensive tour. Next January, she will dance at the Kennedy Center in the US capital accompanied by the Washington DC Symphony Orchestra.
In the festival in Havana, we were able to vibrate with the latent elements of flamenco in the two performances show offered: Suite flamenca, where improvisation takes center stage in the artistic display of the duo formed by Juncal and outstanding dancer Alfonso Losa, with the accompaniment of two cantaores: Juan Triviño and José Díaz (Cachito) and the dazzling guitar of Carrizo (Gerardo Amezquita). It is an all-embracing show that does not quit the tradition of cante, toque and dance.