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The 14th edition of the contemporary art fair Art Madrid will have Rubén Martín de Lucas as guest artist. From February 27 to March 3, 2019, in the Galería de Cristal of Centro-Centro, the public will be able to enjoy a new display of his “Repúblicas mínimas” and other actions in which they will be able to participate in its creative process.
The work of Martín de Lucas has highlighted “the individual’s connection with nature and territory,” as well as his “constant evolution and exploration of new expressive languages through painting, photography or video.”
For Rubén, to have been chosen was a pleasant surprise, and he said: “my journey as a solo artist, although intense, is still short. And not all are willing to commit to someone who is at such an early stage, especially when it comes down to fairs, which tend to look for more established figures. It has been a daring call that I appreciate.”