Una de las piezas de Álvaro Cuevas hechas con armas de fuego.

Guadalajara, the Mexican city of the state of Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila and the famous mariachis, celebrates every year the second most important International Book Fair (FIL) in the world and the first of the Spanish-speaking countries.
More than 819,000 people visited the 96,000 square meter exhibition center located in that city in western Mexico, west of the capital.
The president of the FIL, Raúl Padilla, described as milestones of this meeting the visit of Uruguayan poet, essayist and critic Ida Vitale, who was bestowed here with the FIL Prize of Literature in Romance Languages, and the inauguration of the literary salon by Turk writer Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize for Literature 2006. He also highlighted the quality of the debates around feminism.
On the last day, the Ambassador of India to Mexico, Shri Muktesh Pardeshi, received on behalf of his government the banner of Guest of Honor of the next edition.