Silvio Caiozzi recibe el Premio a la Mejor Película por ... y de pronto el amanecer.
Escena del filme ganador.

The Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, Italy, has arrived, with the last one in November 2018, to its 33rd edition. This festival offers each year the widest panorama of the Latin American cinema in Europe: a true platform for Latin America´s filmography.
The Festival has presented a glance at contemporary world. The most sensitive topics were the contextualization of the traumas resulted from military dictatorships and portraits of brave women, with analyses of their contradictions. The one presented in the exhibition was a restless and open Latin America, in balance between smiles and rigor, in search of itself.
A tribute was paid to its founder and honorary president Fernando Birri, who died on December 27, 2017 and instituted the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, of which he was its director for five years.