With music, invisible bridges are forged. They cross the ocean and create an identity where borders blur and cannot be recognized except for those of the heart. And if in those songs, which are performed by a group as magnificent as Mestizay, singer Olga Cerpa puts her passionate voice, an authentic hallmark is created regardless of the traditional nature of their music.
In Vereda tropical we listen to and see an Olga who, after a long career of learning, innovation and contributions, throws herself, with singing maturity and mastering of dissimilar registers, into a contemporary style that gives new colors to these musical works that go back to the 20th century and belong to the sensitivity of different generations.
The memories of cities like Mexico, Havana and Las Palmas are interweaved in these boleros of amorous sounds translated here with a precise use of the musical instruments; with the melodic and percussive refinement on which the singer navigates, tearing, in each performance, feelings and memories, in an atmosphere of nostalgia and sensuality.