The works of playwright and director Sergio Blanco mark, with remarkable prominence, the scene of Uruguay - the country where he was born in 1971 - of Latin America and the whole world. And this is especially because this theater director has lived and worked in Paris for more than a decade. Titles such as Slaughter, Barbarie - first mention of Casa de las Américas 2009 - and La ira de Narciso, most of them premiered in Montevideo and many other cities, and translated and published everywhere, place him in a leading role when it comes to contemporary Latin American playwriting.
As if that were not enough, and as a theoretical and structural support of his theatrical writing, Sergio Blanco has appropriated a concept and a term of literary studies, self-fiction, which brings the self-referentiality so common to the theater of these times to become a procedure in which the author fictionalizes data and actions taken from his own life, to hyperbolize them and put them to dialogue with the most diverse referents of history and culture of all times, in a scholarly "lie pact.