The meaning of things, 1988.
Primera pintura, 1972.

It was in 1988 when I first knew about Ecuadorian artist Patricio Vélez (Quito, 1945), settled in Barcelona, on the occasion of an exhibition in the Galería Ciento in the Catalan capital. The title of the exhibition was El significado del tiempo (The meaning of time,) where he gathered a large number of drawings in ink on paper. Now, after three decades, the Fundación Suñol exhibits the first anthology on Patricio Vélez with a hundred works, including paintings, drawings, engravings and photographs. It is named Las formas del tiempo (The Shapes of Time,) and it goes through his work from the sixties to the present, revealing his interest in nature, landscape and botany.
Vélez was trained as an architect in Quito, Barcelona and Paris, although once he finished his studies he dedicated himself completely to the world of art. He continues to be interested in architecture, landscape, territory and cartography. This artist considers that his work, within the current artistic context, leads him to «dilute the temporal and geographical borders, in such a way that the "current system” merges into the imprecision of its origins and in the evanescence of its duration».