A dancer, actress, soloist and director of Teatro Popular Latinoamericano and the Escuela Nacional de Teatro; an Art History graduate and a specialist of the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas; a researcher and collaborator for the media specialized in theater criticism; an advisor to “Actuar” Artistic Performing Arts Agency...Gladys Alvarado is a woman full of energy, committed to the excellence of the Cuban stage world.
In the seventies and eighties, Gladys joined several companies: Teatro del Tercer Mundo, directed by René de la Cruz, with whom she co-starred Los argonautas; Teatro Político Bertolt Brecht, with the play Juan Palmieri, bestowed with the National Theater Award in 1972, directed by Nelson Dorr; Teatro Popular Latinoamericano, with El pagador de promesas, La Chacota, Guerrilleros del Altiplano, along with Adolfo Llauradó and Ramón Ramos; and Teatro Rita Montaner, with Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murieta and Cantar por Tilín García, both by Nelson Dorr, selected for the First Theater Festival of Havana (1980).