With a vast experience on designing Tropicana and Parisièn super productions, which identify Cuba at international level, Turarte is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a leader in show business with music-dance products in small and large formats, tailored to a wide range of different settings and audiences. They all have been praised in different times by the world media.
Its catalog, enhanced by multi-awarded professional artistic directors, musicians and dancers, summarizes the excellence of its art on these settings. The quality of every single performance of Turarte in Cuba and abroad is supported by the logistics of its dressmaking and scenographic workshops, as well as of its technical-artistic units, which guarantee wardrobe, atrezzo, and technological support to highlight the glamour of its shows.
Turarte is renewing its image and artistic excellence amidst the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Tropicana Cabaret, the reopening of Continental in Varadero and the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana (Havana city).