When in April 1961 the play called Las Pericas was premiered, it was great shakes in Cuban theater. Its author was a teenager who was bold enough to take his first piece to Rubén Vigón to be presented as part of the Lunes del Teatro Cubano, which this director and designer was programming in the Arlequin Hall, by way of launch for the public fond of new playwrights and talents.
Always attracted to theater since childhood, he had that amazing debut, and with him also his brother, Nelson Dorr, came to the stage and directed his initial work. Both would have a very intense work in our theatrical memory, which, in the case of Nicolás, was interrupted only by his demise, in December 2018.
His characters will remain and so will the memory he left among friends and collaborators, some of whom may remember, with surprise and pleasure, that teenager who, with Las Pericas, got on in his career with a very personal and particular style, in the brief and intense history of the Cuban theater.