He said “I come from everywhere and everywhere I go,” with that ductility of mind that allows him settling peacefully among the rest, no matter where they live; congregating those who build; unmasking those who undo, trying to make them reason, so that the purest side of a man bursts into himself, for the sake of human betterment, a talisman in despair.
For him – irremediably in love with his homeland, namely, the whole of humanity - no one surpasses man himself, because to speak of races and lineages when one thinks of him is nothing more than a shame that overrules the justice of the living.
Cuba was hurt in an early stage. Its young soul shook in the face of frightful scenes that she swore to avenge, and that was her path. He fell in springtime facing the sun, as one who is turned into a symbol blessed by the sun. But before, in a very short and profitable time, virtue flourished with untimely strength in his heart.