La Conga de los Hoyos con Arturo O'Farril.
Roberto Fonseca, director artístico del Jazz Plaza.

What is the conga but that explosion of energy that comes from the leather of the drums and rises transformed into sounds of Chinese bugle? The conga is lived in the street: songs, dance, and sweat. That's why we could not believe. The conga, the Conga de los Hoyos will be at the Martí Theater tonight! The word had it so everywhere and there were journalists, artists, children, grandmothers: all elegant to enjoy the conga, the conga without bare feet, without flip flops, without human breath.
Every night of this week they have played jazz, rumba, conga. "Jazz in Santiago de Cuba is a cultural phenomenon that may be enjoyed in squares and parks," says Albertico Lescay, who presented his Formas project in the central Plaza de Marte (square). "What happens in this city with this genre is very special, almost inexplicable. To be enjoyed on the streets truly marks the musicians ».
And as it is in Santiago, the 34th edition of the International Jazz Plaza festival culminated at the Plaza Dolores. The conga, the rumba and the jazz merged again to seal the next edition, in which “everything will be allowed again.”