Since the first days of this year, expectations have grown due to the announcement of the Premio Nacional de Teatro (National Theater Award): the highest recognition bestowed upon theater players in the country. January 22 is the date fixed for the ceremony in remembrance of the Villanueva events.
One hundred days after the outbreak of the War of Independence, Caricatos Company was presented in that theater hall. They presented the play Perro huevero aunque le quemen el hocico by Juan Francisco Valerio. Cheering of “Céspedes” and “Cuba” were heard. Then the Volunteer Corps invaded the Villanueva Theater, charged on the audience and made a massacre.
In 1999, the National Theater Award was bestowed for the first time, and was received by Raquel and Vicente Revuelta, founders of the legendary Teatro Estudio. This time, it gains remarkable relevance because we are commemorating the one hundred and fifty years of the Villanueva events, the day on which the destinies of the theater and the nation merged forever.