Roman Carvente imprimiendo.
Manuel López Oliva en su taller de La Habana Vieja.

«The battle is in the workshops» is one of José Marti’s wise statements. Yes, in the workshop where life is forged; in those workshops that produce what is necessary for food and clothing, and also in those where furniture and vehicles, machines and tools, toys and books are manufactured. But also in other types of workshops that transform subjectivity into tangible products that register the way of being of individuals and nations, to become a resource for pleasure and sensitive reflection. Among the latter are the workshops of artistic creation with recognized significance.
All, in one way or another, become crucibles that convert innumerable artistic stances into goods for countless tastes, signs of multiple idiosyncrasies, battle fronts for truth and beauty, or range of values of international reach that evil market deforms, empties, recognizes only in its attributes for profitable business, and dehumanizes.